Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The TV Broke

I have asked for this many, many times. While I'm all for a night of watching GOOD TV, I really do not like to have it on much. My husband on the other hand, loves to have it on whether he is watching it or not. I have been asking for quiet, peaceful evenings where we read together, talk or listen to music. In other words, "I want the TV to break and we will put a big, beautiful plant in its place".

Now, for him this is a wonderful opportunity to purchase that big, flat screened monstrosity he has been ASKING FOR and waiting for so patiently for a couple of years now. He has consulted all of the big box stores to learn about all of the options. The kind for a room that receives a lot of sun light. The size that works best for the size of the room. All of the options for cable and high definition TV.

Talk about manifesting at its finest. We both asked for a reason to get rid of the old TV. I should have asked for a big plant instead.

Be careful what you ask for :-)

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