Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 7 - Flexibility and Strength

This is my year for strength. I am very flexible (actually you could call it hypermobile). I can get into just about any yoga pose. I can dislocate on request. To balance that out I need a lot more strength in my body. Strength to hold my joints together (I also have ligaments that are very stretched and do not hold my ball and sockets together very firm). Lots going on here! Tonight (while watching my new favorite TV show) I did yoga with some arm balances thrown in.

First I started out with my usual child's pose for surrender and moved on to neck stretches and shoulder rolls while in vajrasana. Next came down dog and plank back to down dog and then into Vasisthasana (without adding the top leg). That felt great! Next to Tittibasana since it has been a while and I really like this pose.

Then moving to seated baddha konasana and upavista konasana. I noticed a little tightness in my legs so I moved to Warrior II and here taking the time to work on my strength. I kept bending my knee slowly to get all the way into the pose. Next to Tadasana for quite some time and focused on Sunrise Earth - so beautiful!

Next came Siddhasana -wow. I was reading Light on Yoga (there are around 3 pages devoted to just this pose alone) and according to Iyengar, this pose purifies the 72,000 nadis, calming nervous energy . I was feeling a lot of wild energy last week so I decided to stay here for a while again focusing on Sunrise Earth. It is also one of the most relaxing of the asanas. I must have been feeling very calm and relaxed because I turned around and my little dog was laying right next to me on the floor, very calm and peaceful. She caught the peace!

Iyenger also writes that Siddha is and inspired sage, seer or prophet. So interesting that I picked this pose today because I have been very inspired all day.

I ended with a short savasana. I will do a restorative child's pose and longer savasana tonight before sleep.

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