Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogging Inspiration

Met my friend 'Sas'sy (from Play Daze) for lunch today. We picked up our CSA boxes and talked about food (among many other topics) and the conversation came around to blogging inspiration. I've felt a little less than inspired with my posts recently. I realized that all I want to talk about is food. So, after my wonderful salad tonight comprised of heirloom lettuce (see gorgeous picture above), radishes, broccoli from my CSA box and a delish homemade dressing, I'm inspired. Don't be surprised if you see more food posting - I love food. I love to eat it, take pictures of it, talk about it, research recipes, spend hours in grocery stores, get up really early on a Saturday morning to go to the farmer's market, and grow it.

On that note, here is one of the coolest food sites I have ever seen - enjoy!


SAS said...

You're back! Seriously one of the best blog entries to date. The photo is simply luscious in every way! Also, I immediately noticed how beautiful this photo looks on the rest of the blog. I demand more of your photos here ... without having to jump to Flick'r.

SAS said...

Hey, have you seen this week's veggies? Another beautiful head of this same lettuce AND more!