Monday, June 2, 2008

Finally Sun

on the deck, in the sun
a few Muses were musing
a call from Ron
"big storm headed your way"

tv turned on
weatherman says take cover!
clouds more ominous
tornado sirens blaring

last Muse arrives - big hugs around

then the hail, BIG hail
off to the basement
dirt, clutter, dogs and all

finally sun
and food
and laughter
and connection


sas said...

The photo is so alive and beautiful. I felt like this was a short short story although it appeared to be a poem in length and in layout. Nice style.

Laura said...

I love it!

sas said...

Hey - nice change on design and layout of your blog. More peaceful and calm. Clean and alive. Suits you and your work very well!!

Marya said...

Coming from the last Muse... beautifully said! You'll have to check out breezeatdawn for the hail pics. (that night, more tonight?)