Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Minnesota State Fair

My goal was five times. I wanted to go to the State Fair five times this year. I made it 3 times. Although, there is always tomorrow - the last day. It could be 4!

This is a picture from the chair lift type ride. I'm not sure what it is called but it really was the highlight of my last day at the fair. It was rather hot this day and the breeze and view was spectacular.

What did I eat you ask? Garlic French Fries, French Crepe, Cider Freeze, Pecan Nut Roll, and an ice cream cone. So yes, wheat and dairy did make their way into my mouth - but hey, the State Fair is only once a year. Well, 3 times a year for me.

Next year, I will make it 5 times.

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SAS said...

... and I am going with you one of those 5 times! You ate some of my favorites -- crepes and ice cream -- of course French fries.