Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Countdown Begins

I wanted to start this 6 days ago but since I'm blogging without obligation and its all good, I'll just start today on day 34 with 6 of the 39 things I love about my life. You see, the number 39 is not randomly chosen. I only have 34 days left to claim this number as my own. While you hear all the time, "...age is just a number, it's really about how young you feel". I feel really young but still want the number to start with a 3!

Number 39 - I've lived 39 years
Number 38 - Opportunities are limitless
Number 37 - A pool at my disposal
Number 36 - Time is on my side
Number 35 - Beauty is everywhere
Number 34 - Spectacular free recipes on the internet

Tune in tomorrow for Number 33.

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