Monday, December 22, 2008

Costa Rica Yoga in 32 Days

Here I am, 32 days before the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. It is -14 degrees at my house right now. It is 73 degrees in Costa Rica right now. Where would you rather be?

Laura and I have been preparing for our adventure for many weeks now. Which travel yoga mat to purchase? Which pair of yoga shorts? Water shoes?

Of course we always talk about the yoga. Can you imagine yoga in the jungle, with monkeys watching? Sign me up! Oh, wait - I already have my ticket. What about you?

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Laura said...

Sitting next to you on the plane...can't wait!

Amy Zellmer said...

I am there with you sista!! I can't wait! Brad bought me a couple pairs of yoga pants for Christmas! YAY! (hadn't thought of water shoes)

Pink Heels said...

Ahhh...Costa Rica sounds incredibly wonderful as I type this listening to the wind howl outside around me.