Friday, June 5, 2009

Pictures From My Week

Beware Of Ducks! They have found a new home in my in-law's pool. They made their appearance last week. They are very tame and Suzy (so named by my nephew) will eat right out of your hand - very cute and oh so sweet. However...they like to do their business in the pool - and other things that couples do :-) Unfortunately for them, my mother-in-law is working on the eviction notice.

I love little duck butts!


Pink Heels said...

My dog would LOVE to chase these ducks. Keeping in mind that she only weighs 9 pounds but would act as if she was 100 pounds in an attempt to protect the pool!

Kristine Dumm said...

How adorable (except for the mess they leave behind). BTW - Riley looks so much like my beagle-mix it's incredible.

Teena in Toronto said...

They look like they are having fun!

Happy blogoversary!