Saturday, February 12, 2011

♥ Be Mine ♥

February brings Valentine's Day. And it also brings to my full attention the heart chakra. Oh, the heart chakra. It is all about balance, love, compassion, openness, giving, peace and breath.

It is located in your heart center, upper chest and upper back. Its color is green and its right is: to love.

When we think about loving, we often think and look outward.

Reverse it.

To love.


Show yourself love, compassion, openness. Be peace. Practice balance. Breathe, for yourself.

Be your own Valentine this year.



SAS said...

A wonderful reminder to make my day and life even better! Thank you!! So true, we often forget this simple act of loving ourselves.

Heather said...

Thank you and namaste.

African Queen said...

Some nice thoughts to think about for Valentine's day... a day you always tend to give love to others and forget about yourselves. Thank you

sada said...

Wow!! Be Mine !! What a wonderful blog, yes really all is yours and you are of all!! for making this success please just follow the yoga...

Heather said...

Namaste. Thank you for sharing the inspirtion.