Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3 - Day 3 WoYoPracMo

I taught yoga this afternoon. The class was focused on opening the shoulders and chest. I usually do yoga along with my class - though not all of the poses. I will also take time to walk around and adjust or encourage. Usually on the days I teach I do not do another Asana practice. If anything, I'll do a meditation, breathing, Viparita Karani on a bolster or a long savasana before I go to sleep.

This afternoon it was pranayama. I do Laura's pranayama online classes - they are great. I laid down on my family room floor and focused on my breath. My dogs love it when I'm down on the floor with them. Riley, my very affectionate dog, came over and laid his neck across mine. While I love his sweetness, I can't breathe! So after I shooed him away I was able to start breathing. It took me a little bit to relax and let go but finally I got to that place. It was wonderful - like a little mini nap, although I was not sleeping.

WoYoPracMo has been a wonderful experience so far (yes, after only 3 days). I have "met" so many wonderful people. I love learning about them and their life stories. I also love hearing about their practice - it is very inspiring!

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