Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 4 - January 4

I have THROWN myself into WoYoPracMo! I have been so inspired. I have been going deeper into my poses. My practices have been much longer. It carried over to my teaching as I taught a very intense class yesterday. Put that together with a car accident and a recovering back and what do you have - much pain!

These last few days have been very busy for me and my body is not having any more of it. Tonight, after a long HOT bath, it will be Viparita Karani for me. I am so excited to put my body on that bolster and feel the release and relax that I know will come over me. Actually, I'll start with a restorative child's pose - that sounds delicious! Why not give myself a big boost of surrender first? I'll end with a long savasana.

Good night.

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