Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Following My Heart

“You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.” - Jerry Gillies

These last few weeks have been amazing. My last post I wrote about my "180". It seems that what I thought I wanted and where I thought I was going are not really who I am but this "idea" of who I thought I was supposed to be and what was expected. I was not paying attention to who I am and where I am in my life right now.

Laura put together a wonderful blog post and meditation for following your heart. I was there when this was recorded. After I experienced this meditation - I experienced my 180. Coincidence? In my world, there is no such thing as coincidence.

When you quiet down, surrender and go into your heart, you are able to hear your authentic self. Try it - it brought me to my true path and I have felt immense amounts of energy and imagination ever since.

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