Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We are all too much inclined to walk through life with our eyes shut. There are things all around us, and right at our very feet, that we have never seen; because we have never really looked. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Someone asked me the other day what they can do to become more present - how to slow down and just be. My answer is very simple - look for beauty. When you see it, really look at it, appreciate it. Ask yourself, why do I think this is beautiful? Notice how this beauty makes you feel when I really see it?

I love to photograph beautiful things. At first it was like an adventure and I was a detective. I was taking pictures of obvious beauty, like flowers. Once I really started to open my eyes and see EVERYTHING, I realized that beauty is everywhere. When I am with my camera, I am lost in the moment, fully present and fully alive. I photograph this beauty as my evidence that it is all around me and with that, so is my ability to keep myself grounded in the present moment.

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