Thursday, May 1, 2008

Great Meme

Yogamum had this meme on her blog and I love it - here it goes:

i am: feeling great
i think: it is time to eat breakfast
i know: that I am here to inspire
i want: to sit in the sun by the ocean with a really good book
i have: more than enough
i wish: for peace
i hate: noise
i miss: homemade granola
i fear: gaining weight
i feel: calm
i hear: the humming of my laptop and my little dog swallow
i smell: lemon water
i crave: a good massage
i search: for knowledge
i wonder: when I will find my perfect house
i regret: nothing
i love: my dogs
i ache: in my big toe
i care: about my friends
i always: check my emails
i am not: sitting up straight – oops!
i believe: that anything is possible
i dance: and feel alive
i sing: and breathe
i cry: for abused animals
i don’t always: floss my teeth
i fight: nothing
i write: always
i win: when you win
i lose: my focus easily
i never: drink soda
i confuse: effect and affect
i listen: when the birds sing
i can usually be found: on my computer
i am scared: in a small, dark space
i need: peace and quiet
i am happy about: my life

I'm tagging! Marya, Laura, Beth, Tammy and SARAH (yes you! too).

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Yogamum said...

Great answers! This was a fun one, wasn't it?