Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today: The Grand Start - Brittany

The best thing about July is Le Tour De France. For 21 days I am amazed and inspired by the cyclists pushing themselves to the limit around one of the most beautifully stunning countries in the world. I watch the Tour as much for the competition as for the beauty of the French countryside. As I watch, I imagine that I am there. I take the in beauty with my eyes, taste the foods, hear and feel the excitement. One day, I will experience it for real. For now, I am so grateful for the live coverage on TV!

July 5, Stage 1 - Brest Plumelec 197.5 km

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SAS said...

I have never thought of the Tour de France in this way! Thank you for your joyful look!!! P.S. Like your additions about ballet on side bar.