Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Autumn Yoga

This morning started with rain drops. What a wonderful way to wake up. The rain let up. Little doggie girl dawned her harness and I, my rain coat. Opening up the front door to the beautiful colors of autumn, we stepped outside. We walked down the street with the scent of the fresh, wet, cool morning air. "I love autumn," I thought to myself. As we came upon the cedar bridge behind the house, a pheasant was walking towards us. He saw a person and a beagle, turned around, ran the other way and then took off making that sound that only pheasants make.

The wind was blowing just enough to coax the yellow, red and orange leaves into a beautiful shower of color. Little doggie girl's nose is to the ground, sniffing the trail of the last animal that walked in our foot steps. The smell of the cedar bridge is strong and so calming.

I was lost in the beauty of it all and it was delicious.

It has inspired me. I want this experience on my yoga mat. What poses will allow me to create this? I know it is possible. What a fun adventure it will be.

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SAS said...

You just reminded me that I want to go on a walk! We have same weather here too! I love it also. Extra tea needed.