Thursday, October 29, 2009

I don't know why they call it ONE - revisited

I found this little gem I had written back in February of this year (wow, seems like forever-ago).

I Don't Know Why They Call It ONE
It is not my first choice! Actually, I do know why they call it ONE and it still is not my first choice. Ask me about Virabhadrasana II or Virabhadrasana III. I love both of those versions - strong and open and free! Virabhadrasana I has never felt like my pose in all of the years I have done it. There is something about that back leg, and there is something about that front leg. Oh yes, and there is something about the lower back and the extended arms. It doesn't feel strong and it doesn't feel balanced and it doesn't feel free. Does anyone else agree?

Maybe someday I'll learn to love it - just not today.

There were sure some strong feelings about Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I). I can tell you that I have not spent much time on this pose since I wrote this post that appeared on ...musasana... so many months ago. Today I'm bringing it out of the yoga closet and sharing it with the class I teach. I want to know what they really think of this pose and maybe I'll have some new feeling as well.

What do you think of it?

Viva WI!


Jill said...

I began enjoying it much more when I started to open the back hip a little bit rather than keeping it square to the shoulders. Now that I am toying with Light on Yoga, I like it even more and can go much more deeply feeling strong and loving it!

SAS said...

Hmm. Mixed feelings on this one. I like it because it really strengthens my legs. I'm always playing around with my hips though. I too think it's better when I open my hips up and almost push them back instead of trying to be squared up in front. Not my favorite pose, yet I feel that it does a lot for my body that I would miss. Just not connecting too much with it in my mind.