Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2000+ Words

Ran across a great quote this morning that gave me a whole new appreciation for my NaNoWriMo experience. Unfortunately I cannot find the quote but I remember it was something about "as a professional writer" and writing 1000 words a day. A quick Google search comes back with many results for 1000 words in a day. Many pinning it as a respectable number for any professional writer.

I have been writing about 2000 words a day since November 1 - give or take a day. I am far from professional writer but since November 1st I will refer to myself as a writer because, well, I am. What have I learned from writing 2000+ words in a day?

1. As I write my novel, the words fly out of my head and out through my fingers to the keyboard more rapidly than before I was writing 2000+ words each day. If you write every day it is easier for your Muse to do her magic.
2. Editing ANYTHING is a breeze.
3. Can I write my blog post now? Please? Please! Something I felt a bit of dread about in the past I cannot wait to do now. It entices me to write even more!
4. It seems that the creativity muscle has been flexed. I have ideas for and about everything, not just writing stories.
5. I love words.

As of right now, my word count is 34,031 and I have yet to add anything to the 41 pages. By the end of today I will have over 36,000 words. And today's 2000+ words will fly off my fingers and onto this computer screen I call a book like nobody's business. I cannot wait to see what happens next in this story in my head.

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SAS said...

Wow!!! Will you be sharing your story? Are your ready to?