Monday, November 16, 2009

Ahead of the season

It is true. The ideas are flowing and many a decision has been made. This is a new record for me as it is only the sixteenth of November. I know there are lots of people out there who have their Thanksgiving menus planned, know what they are giving for holiday hostess gifts, and have already purchased and wrapped gifts for all their friends and family. While I have no gifts wrapped or even purchased for that matter, I am ahead of the season with a plethora of ideas and it feels great. Here are a few highlights:

Holiday Sanity List (short list)
1. Holiday cards purchased (see photo)
2. Gifts for far away friends, known
3. Thanksgiving baking, known
4. Menu for December get together, complete
5. Birthday gift for husband, researched and soon to be purchased
6. Reading goal for new year, intended
7. Gifts for the kids who already have everything, researched and some known
8. December family birthday gifts, known
9. House decorations, planned
10. Peaceful sleep in the month of December FOR SURE!

What is on your Holiday Sanity List?

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