Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thick Reading

I am behind on my reading. There are 5 library books piled on my nightstand. Some of them I waited months to receive. Others were ready for me to pick up 2 days after the request was made on the library website. Fiction is my genre of choice and being the open minded reader that I am, a couple of grammar books have risen to the ranks of "on the nightstand" fame. Fiction takes me away to another world. Finding myself lost in a story is the best place to be. Finding something to love about the characters is typically a joy and at times a challenge.

After starting The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt (a shortlisted Man Booker Prize book - love those!) I decided that there is no way I could read this book and continue writing my book for NaNoWriMo. The Children's Book is thick with pages (675 to be exact) and thick with detail and thick with deep characters and even the words are thick. A great book to sink your literary mind and heart into in the wonderfully cold month of December when the sun sets early leaving lots of time to sit next to the fireplace with this book in your warm hands. I think for the rest of November I'll stick with writing and grammar books.

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Martha's Yoga Reflections said...

I've been listening to A.S. Byatt's A Whistling Woman in my VW Bug. I have miles to drive to get to the end, but Byatt has a fabulous imagination. Have you finished your thick book?