Friday, January 18, 2008

Loving it too!

It is so cold, she begged me to put it on her :-) Just kidding, but she didn't complain. And as we walked along outside she was quite chipper and her tail was wagging the whole time. Yes, it is colder than cold here in the north - around 3 or 4 degrees when this picture was taken. Now the temperature is 2. Right now my back is to a window where the sun is shining in - warming my back but my feet are freezing.

I love Marya's post today. I love Minnesota too. I also love a good blizzard. NOTHING BETTER! Especially when you have enough good food in the house to last a week, a fireplace and hot chocolate.

I will be enjoying the cold, cold weekend with joy all around. I'll give Marya a call and we can talk about how much we love it!


Nina said...

Karen...I was up in the Catskill Mountains of NY last weekend and actually loved reconnecting with true winter. There was very little street lighting so the stars were amazing, and the ring of mountains around me made me feel snuggled and protected. The hawks flying, the sun, it was all singularly beautiful. Craziest of all, when i got back to Atlanta, I had snow on my windshield!

Karen said...

Sounds wonderful - and how perfect that you had snow when you returned! Isn't nature perfect?